Eduardo Cardoso – Shards of light where the sand stands still

The sand stands still,
the sand still
drips over the dune’s
hour glass storm collapsing.
Shards of light,
slight movement
along the fractal
of a kinetic desert.


Patrick Lichty – Yes.

Enough, so we were doctors, so that exactly that okay so that you you you you actually answer the question I had from your from transition from the worksite asking to try to steer.

For her it’s correct, I couldn’t make today without having to make a sentence.

I think this is kind of a dictionary of Georgia, don’t you think?.

These were things I was working on around the house, so I’m interested in in a couple things that I have among your missing stuff that you’re doing in Iraq for last class.

So while you’re playing with bronze babies, have come mature trees in the width within.

While you’re doing that, I’ll do a foreword.


Retail Hell – Darryl Woodbury

My alarm goes off, awaken from a dream
Another shitty day and I just want to scream
Suicidal thoughts as I get out of bed
Shower and get to work, wishing I was dead
Stupid morning rallies, just a circle jerk
I need to get out of this line of work
People come in with their asshole kids
Screaming in your face with breath that smells like shit
Oh, here we go with a line of returns
I’m silently hoping that the whole world burns!

I used to be a man
I used to be happy
But now I’m just worthless shell of a being
Who hates the whole human race
I’m ten seconds away from maniacally screaming
And trashing everything in this place!

Cleaning all the fitting rooms, people are pigs
There has to be a better way of living than this
Another soccer mom asking for a discount
Wants the policies changed on her account
I don’t make the rules, I’m just a wage slave
Go to the CEO and unleash your rage
Instead you want to take your anger out on me
You’re getting on my nerves, just leave me be!

I used to be human
I used to feel whole
But now I’m just empty and waiting for death
Cause then I think I’ll finally smile
Going home depressed ‘cause I feel so worthless and it’s been that way for awhile!

Retail! Is hell!
Retail! Is hell!
Retail! Is hell!
Retail! Is hell!